The Myriad Beauty Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days when you could only find two basic styles at the local hardware store: “large and small.” Nowadays, the vast array of uniquely-designed Christmas lights for a tree is a joy to behold.

Here are some of the most common types of Christmas lights on the market today. Most can be found at local big-box stores, and others are available via online ordering from specialty shop.

Common types of Christmas Lights

1. LED ropes: These lights are the smart choice for homeowners who need to decorate long strips of space like doorways, sidewalks, driveways, or even the length of a roof edge. Others run them up trees and around shrubbery. It’s also possible to create interesting shapes and figures with them directly on a flat lawn space.

2. LED projection: The ultimate in convenience and hands-off decorating, these interesting little gadgets are a smart way to create a lighting display by simply plugging in a small projection unit and letting the device do the rest.

3. Color-changing and animated-style: Do you want your display to appear to be in motion? Then these unique lights are the answer. They have the power to add a full spectrum of color and an artistic look to any Christmas display.

4. Battery operated: Use these lights where a cord won’t reach or where water or other hazards are present that make AC current an unwise choice.

5. Net: These ingenious lights make decorating bushes and plants simple. Because they are pre-strung, so to speak, you merely drape them over the object you want to decorate. Net lights have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the last decade as more home owners seek simple solutions to holiday decorating.

6. Icicle: For a “winterland” look and playful ambiance, all icicle lights to your roof edges. This newer style of Christmas lights is now a staple of home decorating during the holiday season.

7. Large bulb: Come in C and G grades, these models put out plenty of light and offer a nostalgic atmosphere.

8. Wide-angle mini LED: These cone-shaped bulbs are a favorite for decorators who want lots of light from a small source that is inconspicuous during the day, when the lights aren’t in use.

9. Stringed mini: One of the most popular types of Christmas lights, minis are a top choice because they are easy to arrange, put up and take down.

Always be careful and follow label directions when installing Christmas lights. Like many other home decorations, they require care, especially because electricity is involved!